Crosby Employment Bureau

Crosby Employment Bureau
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Crosby Employment Bureau

Crosby Employment Bureau signed up to the Pledge to ensure they find out about opportunities and have up to date information to support their customers and be are aware of opportunities themselves to be able to grow their business. They believe it will benefit their company as it will provide them with easy access to information to support their services and improve their knowledge that can be used to help others. Since signing up to the pledge they have taken on two apprentices and have employed 36 apprentices on behalf of other organisations. They believe all employers should support the campaign as it is very important that businesses work together to support people from our communities into training and employment.

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Crosby Employment Bureau provides high quality staff in a range of industries to local businesses in the Humber region. They opened as a project to support local people into work and training and have grown their business into a different kind of employment agency. The difference is that in addition to providing expertise, excellent customer service and value for money they reinvest their profits from supplying staff and services to enable them to support local people into work.