Commercial Systems International Limited

Commercial Systems International Limited
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Commercial Systems International Limited

Please tell us briefly what your company/organisation does

Design, Manufacture & Installation of Commercial and Bespoke Facades

I/We heard about the campaign through

Discussions with the Humber LEP team

I/We signed up to the Humber Skills Pledge because

Developing existing talent and harnessing new talent not only supports our growing business but acts as a cornerstone to our CSR activities

How I/we see it benefitting the company/organisation

Encouraging staff from initial joining of our company to maintain standards in accordance with the developing skills and needs of the industry

How I/We see it benefitting the wider community / local economy

We are a local employer with 98% of our workforce being from the local community thus giving direct benefit to the local economy.

If you have recently started fulfilling one or more of the pledges since signing up, what are you doing?

We have created 2 new Administrative Apprentice positions and recruited staff to fill these positions. We have also secured SSW funding to further the knowledge, skills and qualifications of existing staff.

If you were already fulfilling one or more of the pledges before signing up to the campaign, please tell us what you do

We continually employ apprentices whenever possible and encourage their progression up through the company and already had 2 other apprentices

What would you say to someone thinking of supporting the campaign?

Let’s help to increase the skills of local employees and help to secure the local economy