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Agencia Consulting Ltd
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Agencia Consulting Ltd

Agencia signed up to two of the pledges; Invest in increasing the skills of your workforce and to offer a work placement to a young person or adult. Agencia has supported two Masters students studying an MSc in Management and Consulting at the University of Hull by providing and supervising two projects which will provide the students with real work experience, therefore enhance their employability prospects. Joint Managing Director of Agencia, Helen Gibson says: “the opportunity to complete a real consulting project is an important part of this course. I am delighted to be able to award the Agencia prize to the students delivering the best consulting project.  I have no doubt that this will enhance their career prospects”. Overall Agencia believe the skills pledge is an excellent initiative; investing in skills makes good business sense for organisations that wish to grow and develop.

Please tell us briefly what your company/organisation does

Agencia is a change management and training consultancy offering a range of services to the public, private and third. They are an organisation that exists to grow and develop organisations and the pledge fits well with their strategy and company ethos.