Lindsey Lodge Hospice

Lindsey Lodge Hospice
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Please tell us briefly what your company/organisation does

Lindsey Lodge Hospice provides inpatient and day care to local patients with life limiting conditions. The care and support helps assist their quality of life. This may equip them better to remain in their own home. We also provide sessional therapy sessions holding lymphoedma clinics throughout the week. Our inpatient unit has 10 beds and we provide both symptom management and end of life carer. We have approximately 400 volunteers of who support our services and are also able to provide bereavement and family support services, physiotherapy and complimentary services.

I/We heard about the campaign through

Estuary TV

I/We signed up to the Humber Skills Pledge because

We are keen to strengthen our partnership working within the local community. As an organisation we receive enormous community support and we are keen to ensure we ‘give back’ as appropriate.

We also have staff with skill sets that are keen to share and we feel others coming into the work place offer fresh eyes, enthusiasm and skills to compliment those of existing staff or volunteers.

How I/we see it benefitting the company/organisation

Supporting roles of existing staff with ideas and enthusiasm.

How I/We see it benefitting the wider community / local economy

The profile of the Hospice as an organisation will continued to be shared through those staff coming into our workplace, the more local people understand the work and nature of care the more the message transfers into the community- the ‘ripple’ effect strengthens

If you have recently started fulfilling one or more of the pledges since signing up, what are you doing?

If you were already fulfilling one or more of the pledges before signing up to the campaign, please tell us what you do

What would you say to someone thinking of supporting the campaign?

This could be a two way process of give and take-surely its worthy of the consideration of supporting others to grow and share skills.