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Please tell us briefly what your company/organisation does

Admin Centre offer solutions for small businesses in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. We specialise in office space rental, hot desking, meeting room hire, virtual office services and business support in the Scunthorpe region. Admin Centre is ideally located next to the M180 and public transport routes making it commutable for you and your clients. There are no long term contracts when renting an office or desk space at Admin Centre, services are provided on an ‘easy-in easy-out’ 30 day rolling contract.

We pride ourselves in the services and facilities we offer to help with your small business in Scunthorpe. We also offer a range of administration services including; virtual office services, PA & diary management, book-keeping/payroll, social media management and a range of telephony services and free business advice! Admin Centre has a great business working environment with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and is the ideal location for small start-up businesses in Scunthorpe.

I/We heard about the campaign through

We’ve been a supporter of the Skills Pledge since the early days. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of doing things differently and for the right reasons, so we’ve been proud to support the campaign for some time now.

I/We signed up to the Humber Skills Pledge because

We’re firm believers in finding solutions, not dwelling on problems. Adding our weight to the Skills Pledge campaign helps to prove that that mentality is shared by businesses across the Humber. Complaining about the lack of skills is not what will help businesses grow, rolling up our sleeves and creating opportunities will.

How I/we see it benefitting the company/organisation

There are a host of benefits to the Admin Centre being part of the Skills Pledge campaign. Early information on funding opportunities via the newsletter, the opportunity to share our own skills success stories, the list goes on.

How I/We see it benefitting the wider community / local economy

It’s vital that business, education, the public and the third sector all work together to develop and showcase the skills that will help our economy grow - that’s the whole point of the campaign.

If you have recently started fulfilling one or more of the pledges since signing up, what are you doing?

As an early supporter of the Skills Pledge, we’ve been ‘doing our bit’ for some time but that doesn't mean we can stand still. We’ve developed our own ‘try before you buy’ model whereby taking on young people and encouraging the small and startup businesses housed in the Admin Centre to tap into this resource when needed, we’ve been able to gradually move young people into more permanent roles as organisations have grown before starting the process again. We are keen believers in apprenticeships and have always got at least two apprentices in the building!

If you were already fulfilling one or more of the pledges before signing up to the campaign, please tell us what you do

We’re an active supporter of skills in the region and have continued to offer assistance and challenge perceptions wherever we can. This could be anything from supporting the development of employability skills in an educational setting to making a difference to a young person by offering opportunities that could provide that lightbulb moment in terms of their futures. Our primary focus has and will continue to be supporting and mentoring entrepreneurs by giving the tools, skills and base to grow.

What would you say to someone thinking of supporting the campaign?

Why aren’t you supporting it already?