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Please tell us briefly what your company/organisation does

We achieve social good through creative marketing.

I/We heard about the campaign through

I was involved in its initial development and spoke at the launch event.

I/We signed up to the Humber Skills Pledge because

We have to invest in people and create opportunities in order to move forward. I find it odd that an organisation wouldn’t abide by the principles.

How I/we see it benefitting the company/organisation

We get new ideas and energy that we wouldn’t have if we remained insular.

How I/We see it benefitting the wider community / local economy

Our work is all about benefiting the community. By engaging with people directly affected by our work, we have a much greater chance of getting it right.

If you have recently started fulfilling one or more of the pledges since signing up, what are you doing?

In 2016, we have provided over a dozen work placements for young people and employed a graduate in a full-time position. It part of standard business for us and continues to benefit all involved.

If you were already fulfilling one or more of the pledges before signing up to the campaign, please tell us what you do

We have always provided work placements, however recently we have done so with greater structure and to provide employment routes with partner organisations.

What would you say to someone thinking of supporting the campaign?

Saying you will support the campaign is easy, implementing it properly takes discipline, though I am will confident will add value to any business.