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Hobson & Porter were early supporters of the Hull Employability Charter so signing up to the Humber LEP's Skills Pledge was the next logical step. 

Hobson & Porter realises the importance of supporting local enterprises and individuals in further career development, noting that they understand the need for narrowing the skills gap and putting investment back into the communities in which they work. Local labour is a key link between providing what the client requires and exceptional customer service.  They note that signing up to the Pledge reinforces their core values and reaffirms their ongoing commitment to the wider community.

When asked how the organisation was fulfilling their pledge, Hobson & Porter's Richard Hunt said: "As well as fulfilling three of the existing pledges, we are actively looking to recruit graduates to both offer them a footstep into the industry as well as further enhancing our skills base. After a series of successful work experience placements, we are confident that our graduate scheme will develop in the same positive way. As an example of our commitment, business development is looking to employ one graduate in the near future.

"Our established apprenticeship and training programme continues to strengthen our links with young people, schools and JobCentre Plus, which has led to successful employment within our business on a number of occasions. This investment has led to further career development through our trainee management programme. To ensure our existing workforce stays one step ahead of the game, we are constantly looking to offer continuous career development. This is being achieved through the implementation of our company training matrix, which offers skills progression from health and safety to Building Information Modelling (BIM) and beyond. The training offered is always in direct relation with the individual’s career aspirations."

Hobson & Porter would actively encourage businesses in the Humber region to sign up to the Humber Skills Pledge and support local people by offering them opportunities to further their careers.

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Hobson & Porter is regionally recognised for managing building projects of all shapes and sizes across the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region. With a diverse range of clients covering Commercial, Housing, Healthcare, Industrial and Education property, they have attained an excellent reputation for quality and project delivery.