The Sobriety Project

The Sobriety Project
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The Sobriety Project

Signing up to the Pledge will benefit them as it maintains a focus for them to help develop and improve their staff, volunteers and the services they provide to others. It will benefit the wider community by helping to improve the quality of volunteering opportunities and work placements as well as helping individuals gain skills and experience which will improve those individuals’ life chances.

Since signing the Pledge they have developed a rolling programme to train volunteers in museum, archive and customer service skills.  This scheme is now funded and recruitment has begun. They are also currently seeking funding to implement an innovative employability scheme for young unemployed adults struggling to enter the labour market.

They were already fulfilling the Pledge by providing alternative educational/work experience placements to young people excluded from main stream education, students, ex offenders and adults with learning difficulties.

For anyone considering signing the Skills Pledge they simply say, “Why not”.

Please tell us briefly what your company/organisation does

The Sobriety Project is an educational/community charity that uses the local waterways heritage, arts and environment to encourage social inclusion and cohesion.