Engineering Construction Industry Training Board

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Engineering Construction Industry Training Board

ECITB will be fulfilling the Skills Pledge over the next five years through securing more than 300,000 training opportunities for new entrants and existing members of the workforce across the sectors that make up: engineering and construction; oil and gas; power generation; nuclear energy; renewable energy; chemicals; pharmaceuticals; water treatment; food and drink; steel; glass and paper manufacturing and other commodities that are part of our everyday lives. These include: plastics; medicines; bottled and canned drinks; cosmetics and many more household products. 

The ECITB provides the means to train the engineers of today and tomorrow to the highest standards, via an extensive, regionally-based network of over 200 specialist ECITB- accredited course providers. Their training programmes, apprenticeships and vocational qualifications guarantee competence in practical craft and technician occupations as well as technical, management supervisory, design and project management skills.

An example of ECITB supporting the development of an individual’s career is demonstrated through Leanne Curtis. She started with ECITB back in 2009 as a marketing administrator. The company put her through a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification to achieve a CIM Professional Certificate. Through doing this and gaining experience she was promoted to a Marketing and Events Officer four years on. This is an example of how the company invests in increasing its workforce skills and the Skills Pledge gives them recognition for it.

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The engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) provides professional advice, information, skills development and qualifications to help employers and people in the engineering construction industry to succeed