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Humber Learning Consortium

HLC signed the Skills Pledge as it is passionate about learning and is committed to playing an active part in the improvement of the social and economic wellbeing of the Humber area. Signing the Pledge benefits HLC as it supports their recruitment and selection strategy, helping them to identify new employees by offering apprenticeships and work placements. It enables them to better understand the challenges faced by unemployed people, thereby improving the services they offer. It also enables them to network with and learn from other employers.

The Skills Pledge is important because, if every employer in the Humber took on one apprentice, or offered just one work placement per year it could have a dramatic effect on unemployment levels, improve employability skills, and ultimately benefit the economy of the Humber.

Since signing the Skills Pledge HLC has taken on four apprentices (one of whom has gained employment with HLC), taken part in mock interviews with students at a local academy (Sirius), funded a staff member to undertake a degree at Hull University, and signed the Employability Charter.

They have always had an active approach to training and developing their own staff, but hadn’t previously employed any apprentices, been involved with schools, or helped to develop peoples’ employability skills by offering work placements. The Skills Pledge has enabled them to do these things and receive recognition for it.

For anyone considering signing the Skills Pledge they say, “Sign the Skills Pledge. It’s not just a paper exercise - it can really make a difference to your business. We’d thoroughly recommend the Skills Pledge to anyone who is thinking of signing up”.



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Humber Learning Consortium is an educational charity based in Hull. Established in 2001, they provide learning and skills opportunities for disadvantaged and socially-excluded people across the Humber and wider Yorkshire area.