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Care Plus Group

Care Plus Group signed the Skills Pledge as they are passionate about supporting the local worklessness and skills agenda and it will benefit them by facilitating the opportunity to ‘grow their own’ workforce. The Skills pledge will benefit the wider community by not only reducing unemployment but it will increase lifetime earnings for individuals and provide a career pathway opportunity. 

As part of fulfilling the Skills Pledge, Care Plus deliver a multi award winning Employability “Pathway Model” which supports local people on a pathway to sustainable employment or further and higher education, via various initiatives such as voluntary placements, traineeships, apprenticeships and internships.

In particular, their apprenticeship scheme is an award winning project that involves working with many stakeholders and training providers who deliver accredited training and apprenticeship frameworks for them. They also have an in house training and development team who deliver statutory and mandatory training courses for their internal workforce. This includes giving individual staff members a personal mentor which helps them to develop.

Care Plus Group would urge all organisations to sign the Skills Pledge. They believe it will support organisations to have a skilled workforce as well as supporting the local worklessness agenda and all the benefits of people in employment. This would also have a positive impact on budgets such as the NHS.

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Care Plus Group is a 'Community Benefits Society' social enterprise with all employees having equal ownership. They provide adult health and social care. They are highly ambitious and aim to build a reputation for providing bespoke high quality innovative care, which values the people it serves and its workforce.