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Clugston Group

Clugston Group continue to strongly support the LEP’s efforts to train and employ the younger generation, noting that employment, education and training are of vital importance to the Humber Region

Job creation always benefits the local community and economy and Clugston Group believe the LEP Enterprise Zones in the area will create many job opportunities and see individuals with increased skills levels which will address those skills shortages that still exist within their own business.

Clugston Group already had industry leading training and development plans in place for 2014 and are working towards a fully qualified to NVQ2 minimum in our Construction business.  The met their commitment on apprenticeships for 2014 and are committed to do the same for 2015.  They are also supporting the Shared Apprentice Scheme being developed with North Lindsey College, which will be both with the business directly and through their supply chain.

When asked what they would say to anyone considering signing up to the Skills Pledge, Chairman John Clugston said: "We would strongly urge and encourage others to participate in this very worthwhile campaign."


Please tell us briefly what your company/organisation does

The Clugston Group is a privately owned, limited, group of businesses founded over 75 years ago on Humberside. The Group has expanded to become a well established organisation with a leading reputation in Construction, Civil Engineering and Building, Facilities Management, Survey Services, Refurbishment and Fit-out, Distribution, Commercial Property Development. The company employs over 500 people with operations stretching across the UK.