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The University of Hull

The University of Hull signed up to the Humber Skills Pledge because they firmly believe in it and fits in with their employability and skills agenda. It also connects them closer to the region and the wider set of employers they work with. 

Since signing the Skills pledge the University has taken on a number of school students on work experience. They have also supported two graduates, Oliver Blackburn and Irina Trusca to gain work experience interns at the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership.

Before signing the pledge they were already fulfilling some of the pledges such as employing local graduates, developing mentor schemes and supported Career Academies Mentoring. They are also heavily involved in developing the employability skills of their students, graduates and staff through CPD.

Overall they see the pledge benefiting the wider community and local economy as they are the only University in the Humber and the Pledge gets them thinking about skills and employability in a way that may not have been the case in the past. For anyone considering signing the pledge they say, “Go for it!”  


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The University of Hull was established in 1927 and is found on Cottingham road, Hull.