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The Humber Skills Pledge has given East Coast Pictures the structure and goals to achieve and measure the training opportunities already being made available at the company. ECP is aware that by helping to address the skills shortage in the digital and media sector in general, their own company will be able to benefit and grow. The Pledge will help benefit the wider community by creating jobs, particularly for 18-24 year olds and graduates.

Since signing the pledge, the company has supported over 20 Work Experience placements for students from TV & Film, Arts, Digital and Journalism courses on a range of filmed projects and productions. The company has also launched the careers of two of its Graduate employees into the mainstream TV & Media Industry.

By signing the Humber Skills pledge, the company is signing up to support the growth of the region and their sector - a stronger digital, media and tech sector will mean East Coast Pictures benefits. The Pledge has being a great way for them to give broad structure to training and skills development and achieve measurable targets showing the positive steps in recruitment and training. 

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East Coast Pictures produces online Video and Television programmes for websites, social media, mobile and TV; promoting businesses and organisations, products, services and brands across Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.