Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire

Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire
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Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire

To fulfil their pledge to offer an apprenticeship they employ three apprentices in their Café INDIEpendant project. They also use a flexible approach to personal skills development which includes coaching, training and peer support to enable people to progress, develop, and engage.

Signing up to the pledge has benefited the organisation by creating opportunities for sustaining and developing partnerships. It has also provided an opportunity to showcase and learn from other projects and to develop their own skills further. It also contributes to their Charitable Objectives and improves the way they perform as an organisation.

They encourage others to support the campaign, to share their skills and to join and contribute with others who are committed to the development of the Humber region.

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VANL is a voluntary sector support and development organisation. They support other VCSSE organisations to achieve their goals by helping them to access funding, develop new projects, research needs, govern their organisations well, set up new organisations and access workforce development (paid and unpaid) training and source new volunteers. They also operate a volunteering brokerage which typically interviews and places around 600 (60% under 25) people per annum into rewarding and quality volunteering placements.