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Please tell us briefly what your company/organisation does

Leading the way in the telecommunications industry since
1991, Cobus are Nationally recognised as a leading
provider for communications services which include telecoms – traditional PBX and SIP and VoIP, line and call services, Mobile solutions, CCTV, Door access, AV and network cabling

I/We heard about the campaign through

We have always supported the Skills pledge

I/We signed up to the Humber Skills Pledge because

We are passionate about supporting young people and equipping them with the skills to help them reach their full potential. We develop all of our staff with both in-house and external training.

How I/we see it benefitting the company/organisation

Being able to use the logo and proudly show that we support local people by providing a range of experience is very important to our business.

How I/We see it benefitting the wider community / local economy

If you have recently started fulfilling one or more of the pledges since signing up, what are you doing?

We currently have an engineering and also sales apprentices and plan to provide Jobcentre work placements again after the new year

If you were already fulfilling one or more of the pledges before signing up to the campaign, please tell us what you do

We currently have an apprentice in engineering and one in sales.
We have regular supplier webinars and visits to provide training in-house and engineers will complete external manufacturer training next year to continue upskilling our workforce

What would you say to someone thinking of supporting the campaign?

If you are passionate about supporting and giving back to your local community and want to offer skills and real work experiences to benefit local people then get involved with this fantastic initiative.