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They committed to four pledges; Invest in increasing the skills of your workforce, Offer a work placement to a young person or adults, Offer an apprenticeship and Support the development of Employability Skills. They signed the pledge as they believe it is important that young people gain new and practical skills in the workplace. They believe it will benefit them as they will have people with better skills within the company who in turn, can pass on their skills to others. The more skills people have, the better they will perform, be promoted and then to pass on their skills to new workers. They are doing many things to fulfil the pledges such as having a training programme in place for staff, employing an apprenticeand they also take a College student one day a week on work placement.

Overall they believe it is definitely worthwhile as it is important to provide training to everyone, even if it is re-training in the work they are already doing.

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Quality Personnel is an independent specialist recruiter. Recruiting staff in the areas of Administrative, Executive, Sales, IT, Finance, Technical, Engineering, Construction and Industrial. All the recruitment teams can provide permanent, contract or temporary positions to suit their client’s needs.